Golf Course Management and Maintenance

Offering Expert Full Service Golf Maintenance, Planning, and Consulting

Southwest Florida is known as The Golf Course Capital of the World

Golf course landscaping management is one of the most important elements of maintaining a course for visitors, guests, and members. Pinnacle Landscaping delivers professional Golf Course management, maintenance, and consulting services with the understanding that the appearance of your golf course is paramount to its reputation.


50 Years of Golf Course Management & Maintenance Experience

Make a strong impression on your golf course through landscaping industry solutions by experts with 50 years of golf course maintenance & management experience. Pinnacle Landscaping offers comprehensive solutions, customized programs, and consulting services to manage & maintain the appearance and health of golf courses of all sizes.

Professional golf course services with the people who know how

Premier services & golf course maintenance and maintenance

Our Services Include:

  • Maintenance  & Grooming Regimes
  • Customized Cultural Programs
  • National Account Equipment Purchasing Options
  • Equipment Maintenance & Inventory 
  • Fertilization & Chemical IPM Programs
  • Irrigation Maintenance & Programming
  • Staffing & Human Resource Management

The Pinnacle Process

Our Golf Course Maintenance Division is dedicated to providing expert management services by following the industry’s Best Management Practices. Our unique skill sets allow us to recognize the precise maintenance regime that will complement your expectations. Let’s get started.

First, we interview the course operator to identify issues that need correction to evaluate the specific needs of the course. Next, Pinnacle will develop a customized program that delivers predictable results. Our team always maximizes resources by utilizing bulk purchase agreements with critical vendors and suppliers in order to stabilize and maximize your maintenance dollars.

We ensure your golf course stays at the highest quality possible

Over 50 years of Golf Course Maintenance & Care Experience

Southwest Florida Golf Course Consulting Services

In addition to Golf Course Management and Maintenance, Pinnacle Landscaping also provides comprehensive consulting services to maintain peak operation and appearance of your golf course. Consulting services include soil and tissue nutrient analysis for custom fertilization applications, cultural practices, renovation, irrigation renovation, and regrassing. Our specialists can also assist with long term planning in regards to replacing, renovating, and restoring golf course assets.

Outsourced Maintenance Benefits

Stabilized Costs
By eliminating the peaks and valleys in the operational costs you will be able to predict your annual maintenance cost per round of golf. 

Eliminate Labor & Benefits Risks
By outsourcing you will eliminate the risk and exposure associated with Human Resource Management .

Eliminate Costly Equipment Repair & Replacement Cost
Pinnacle can assume all equipment needs for the course, including purchasing, repair and maintenance.

Maximize Your Maintenance Resources
Our Volume Purchasing National Accounts allow us to stretch our discretionary resources like fertilizer, chemicals, equipment, and golf course accessories so that more products reach the turf.

Save Money & Minimize Operational Costs

Total Golf Course Care & Maintenance

Additional Services

Agronomic Turf Advisory Consulting 

  • We offer complete soil, tissue, and water analysis to establish fertilization programs to improve overall turf health and ultimately playing conditions.
  • We develop cultivation programs designed to reduce & manage turf/soil related concerns regarding excessive thatch, compaction, and to improve air filtration.

Long Range Planning

  • Renovation Planning and Oversight
  • Reserve Account Consultation
  • Long Term Equipment Replacement

Maintenance Solutions

Connecting Your Expectations With Appropriate Costs

  • The largest challenge in golf operations is controlling the unexpected costs in the operation while delivering the quality and consistency that the members and patrons expect.
  • Developing fertilization and plant protection programs that are proven to meet or exceed industry standards is critical in managing both the player’s expectations and delivering predictable expenses.
  • Managing seasonal Staff levels in conjunction with developing customized maintenance procedures and policies for the course is critical in managing the labor outlay, which is the majority of maintenance cost, in order to insure the labor cost for the operation is stabilized.
  • Consulting Services & Testing are included in Pinnacle’s normal service.

Quality & Consistency In Our Work, Guaranteed!

Golf Management History - South Region

  • Saddlebrook Resort 
  • The Plantation at Leesburg 
  • City of Winter Haven –Chain O’ Lakes Stadium
  • City of Winter Haven– Willowbrook G.C.
  • Imperial Golf Club 
  • Naples Heritage Golf and Country Club 
  • Heritage Palms Golf and Country Club 
  • Stoneybrook Golf Club, Estero
  • Cedar Hammock Golf and Country Club 
  • Stoneybrook Golf Club East
  • Stoneybrook Golf Club West
  • Stoneybrook Golf Club South 
  • Heritage Harbor Golf Club 
  • Pelican Strand
  • Cypress Woods
  • Heritage Isles Golf Club
  • Heritage Oaks Golf and Country Club 
  • Stoneybrook Golf Club, Bradenton 
  • Riverstrand Golf and Country Club 
  • Highland Woods Golf and Country Club 
  • Legends Golf and Country Club 
  • Olde Hickory Golf and Country Club 
  • Cross Creek
  • Villages at Country Creek
  • Legends Golf Club, Orlando
  • Tern Bay Golf and Country Club Resort
  • Fountain Lakes 
  • Golfview
  • Clearwater Executive
  • Palmetto Pine Country Club
  • Pentecost Golf Club

Golf Management History - Mid-Atlantic Region / North Region

  • Bay Hills Golf Club
  • Olde South Country Club

  • University of Maryland Golf Club
  • University of Maryland BYRD Stadium

  • Norbeck Golf & Country Club

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