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Landscaping & Irrigation Solutions for All of Southwest Florida.

Since 2002, maintaining your community’s most visible asset has come naturally to us here at Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc. We have proven to be Southwest Florida’s most reliable company when it comes to your landscaping and irrigation maintenance or service needs. Our dedicated team is driven to deliver quality, consistency, and communication for our clients with customer-needs focused service to create a lasting partnership.

Landscaping & Irrigation Services

Landscaping & Irrigation Solutions for All of Southwest Florida.

Landscaping Services

Proper installation of the landscape of your property is one of the best actions you can take to ensure that your property appreciates in value over time.

Not only does a well-designed, professionally installed, and beautifully landscaped property offer a sharp curb appeal and enhance the value of your real estate investment, but it will also show the neighbors your great pride in homeownership.

Initial Landscaping & Layout

Sodding & Soil Enhancement

Mulching & Planting

Irrigation Design & Layout

Controller Programming & Startup

Pipe Valve & Head Installation

Irrigation Installation

Installing or renovating an irrigation system is a complex process. There are a number of considerations that must be thought of that are likely best left to a professional for layout, installation, setup, and programming.

At Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc. we have professionally trained technicians who will come in and note the state of your lawn, the type of grass, and other factors. By doing this, they will ensure proper coverage, proper water saturation, and a better looking and longer-lasting landscape.

Irrigation Maintenance

Proper installation of the landscape of your property is one of the best actions you can take to ensure that your property appreciates in value over time.

Once the installation of your irrigation system is completed and tested, it should run for some years to come. However, to ensure that it is operating properly and at its best efficiency level, sometimes some extra maintenance is required.

Ongoing Diagnostics & Adjustments

Control Valve Repair

Main Line Balancing

Mulching & Soil Enhancement

Mulching shares many of the same properties as sod in that it offers protection against weeds, dry soil, and erosion. Installing mulch at the base of your trees and in your landscape beds will prevent damage to the plant roots that may be caused by the heat we face in tropical climates. Mulch will also enrich soil overtime and help in retaining nutrients. Finally, mulch adds that finished touch to an aesthetically pleasing landscaping.

At Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc., we know that you want your landscaped home to look the best that it possibly can, so we will install your mulch beds according to your needs, ensuring that your mulch stays where you want and need it, promoting both presentation and yard health.

The Pinnacle Landscaping Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Pinnacle Landscaping’s mission is to provide quality and professional services while upholding the highest levels of customer service. We are committed to rapid response communication to deliver service with honesty and integrity.

Integrated Pest Management

Solving pest problems for our customers is our goal. Our technicians are able to respond to a wide variety of landscaping pest control concerns. Ask us about our services including weed and fungus control, perimeter and indoor pest management, palm rot, and more. At Pinnacle, we strive to solve your pest control issues with the most targeted methods available. If pesticides are needed, we always consult with the customer prior to application. We believe in implementing long-term preventive actions to avoid future invasions or even damage to your home.

Golf Course Management and Maintenance Division

Our Golf Course landscaping division is dedicated to providing expert landscaping maintenance, planning, and consulting. Our unique skill sets allow us to recognize the precise maintenance regime that will complement your clientele’s expectations. Let’s get started.

Golf Course Turf and Landscaping Management

Consulting Services to Grow and Improve Current Course

Access to Expert Team with 50+ Years of Combined Golf Course Maintenance Experience

Maintain A Beautiful Neighborhood Landscape

Keep Homeowner Association Costs Down

Increase Property Values

Condominium & HOA Services

For many years, Pinnacle Landscaping has worked closely with many homeowner associations, their boards, and their management companies. Pinnacle Landscaping understands the niche concerns that individual communities would like to address. Our skilled team is responsive to the needs of your neighborhood and are prepared to craft a custom plan to improve and maintain your landscaping for all to enjoy.

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