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Solving pest problems for our customers is our goal.

Our technicians are able to respond to a wide variety of pest control concerns

Pinnacle Landscaping is committed to quality pest control solutions for residents and business owners located in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. We offer recurring pest control programs to ensure that your home or business is protected from pests and damage all year round. We also specialize in unique, one-time pest control solutions as they occur. Either way, our main goal is to make your home or business as safe and comfortable as possible. Pinnacle’s skilled technicians will provide you and your family with superior protection from unwanted pests utilizing modern technology and treatment techniques. Our main focus is upholding the highest safety standards while quickly resolving the pest control issue on your property.


Fire ants can destroy your lawn. We can get rid of them & prevent return.

Fire Ant Treatments

Fire ant mounds can seemingly appear overnight. Once you notice fire ant activity, contact Pinnacle for an inspection, followed by a custom management plan from our experts to eliminate the threat of these stinging creatures.

The Pinnacle Landscaping Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Pinnacle Landscaping’s mission is to provide quality and professional services while upholding the highest levels of customer service. We are committed to rapid response communication to deliver service with honesty and integrity.