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Initial Landscaping Design & Layout

Have you ever driven by a home, and it had amazing flowers, brilliant colors, and a great selection of exotic flora?
We are sure you have, seeing as this is Southwest Florida!
As you drove past this home, did you just know that you were supposed to be impressed by the landscaping? But… somehow you weren’t?
You could not pinpoint why, but the way the home was landscaped was just not appealing to you at all, despite the natural beauty of the flowers, trees, grass, and other flora.

Amazing flowers, brilliant colors, and a gorgeous landscape.

Professional service with knowledge of local plant life, we guarantee you'll love your landscaping installation.

Landscaping Installation

Proper installation of the landscape of your property is one of the best actions you can take to ensure that your property appreciates in value over time.

Not only does a well-designed, professionally installed, and beautifully landscaped property offer a sharp curb appeal and enhance the value of your real estate investment, but it will also show the neighbors your great pride in homeownership.

The Pinnacle Landscaping Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Pinnacle Landscaping’s mission is to provide quality and professional services while upholding the highest levels of customer service. We are committed to rapid response communication to deliver service with honesty and integrity.

We Provide You With:

At Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc., we know the challenges associated with the design and layout selection. We have the experience working with homeowners and businesses in Southwest Florida, and we will use that experience to make absolutely certain that we provide you with the best service possible. 

Samples of Our Work

Sodding & Soil Enhancement

Often, people have a problem in our area with getting seeds to take the way that they would like, and this can cause them to have a lawn that is less than desirable.
Or, sometimes the lawn can just turn out ugly.
Yes, you can plant trees, fertilize the soil, and wait for the lawn to take care of itself. It will, but growing trees, shrubs, and turfgrass in a way that will be attractive takes nearly a year, and we know that you don’t want to wait that long!

Ensure that your grass will not only look great today, but for years to come!

Aside from helping your lawn look good, proper sodding and soil enrichment prevents many of the problems that the harsh weather in Southwest Florida faces; soil erosion, heavy mudding during heavy rains, weed growth and accumulation, and dusting that may occur during dry weather.

At Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc., we have experience sodding and enriching soil; our professional staff of landscapers will come in and lay the necessary groundwork for your sod, ensuring that your grass will not only look great today, but for years to come!


Mulching shares many of the same properties as sod in that it offers protection against weeds, dry soil, and erosion. Installing mulch at the base of your trees and in your soil beds will prevent damage to the plant roots that may be caused by the heat we face in tropical climates. Mulch will also enrich soil by providing a number of nutrients that are needed.

While we often talk about preventing the drying-out of roots and soil beds, mulch also provides insulation that can regulate moisture that gets to the roots of your plant, as well. The benefit here is that the mulch can also help prevent moisture saturation and the resultant root rot that can be experienced in tropical climates.

At Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc., we know that you want your landscaped lawn to look the best that it possibly can, so we will install your mulch beds according to your needs, ensuring that your mulch stays where you want and need it, promoting both presentation and yard health.

Mulch where you need it, promoting both presentation and yard health.

Big and small, we provide you with the knowledge that your yard & landscape are being kept beautiful.

Landscaping Maintenance

After we have successfully installed your landscape, we offer complete landscape maintenance solutions for your community. Regardless of the complexity of the project or maintenance that you need, we are more than happy to serve you and your needs in the best way possible!

Lawn Care

Whether you need mowing, weeding, or general cleanup and maintenance, we will have you covered! Our professional service team members will come to you, and they will mow, water, weed, edge, and inspect all aspects of your lawn.

We know that your lawn matters to you, so it matters to us. We will treat your lawn as if it is our own, paying special attention to detail, and acting with precision to ensure that you lawn, your home, or even your community shines.


Many, many companies that offer you lawn care will come out and apply what is known as a 10-10-10 fertilizer solution. While this will get part of the job done, it is a shortcut that does not work to help your lawn and soil for the long haul.

Our solution to this problem is to inspect your lawn, know what it is that we are working with, and develop a custom fertilizer application. These custom and specialized fertilizer applications are essential to the specific needs of your lawn and maintains the beauty and health of your yard.

Tree & Shrub Care

Having your trees, shrubs, or other plants installed in your yard is only a part of your landscaping efforts. After we have installed your landscaping, we need to properly care for these trees and shrubs.

Properly timed and expert pruning and trimming of your trees and shrubs is essential to promote each plants’ natural growth characteristics and potential. It also trims off any dead branches or weight and improves the health and longevity of the plant.