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Landscaping & Irrigation Solutions for All of Southwest Florida.

Complete watering, or irrigation, is critical to the health and well-being of your lawn and landscape.

Discover how we can turn your yard into an incredibly groomed landscape.

At Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc., we take care to provide our customers high-quality irrigation services personalized for their unique needs. We understand the irrigation system is the lifeblood of all of the plants, trees, and grass that make up your landscape.

For this reason, we will inspect and maintain everything in your irrigation system from the sprinkler to the control components; we can ensure your system is operating at its optimum capacity for conservation as well as coverage.


Our professionals guarantee the efficacy and reliability of our irrigation systems.

Irrigation Installation

Installing or renovating an irrigation system is a complex process. There are a number of considerations that must be thought of that are likely best left to a professional for layout, installation, setup, and programming.

We ensure proper coverage, proper water saturation, and a better looking and longer-lasting landscape.

Initial Irrigation Design & Layout

Let’s consider the fact that anyone can attach a sprinkler to a hose and just let it run. However, have you ever seen the way a lawn looks when the irrigation system is a sprinkler that gets moved around every couple of days?

If you have seen the results of this, then you are well aware that getting a proper sprinkler system with professional installation is important to ensure that your lawn not only looks good, but is healthy.

At Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc. we have professionally trained technicians who will come in and note the state of your lawn, the type of grass, and other factors. By doing this, they will ensure proper coverage, proper water saturation, and a better looking and longer-lasting landscape.

Irrigation design is a key factor for a healthy lawn.

Automated sprinkler timing and customized water schedules keep your lawn and landscape looking great!

Controller Programming and Start-up

Aside from the need to ensure that there is proper coverage to prevent over or underwatering of your landscape, there is another crucial factor that is important to consider.

Most of us have rules that we have to follow in Southwest Florida in relation to when we can water our lawns, and this is normally best handled by an automatic timer attached to our sprinkler system.

This automatic timer, called a controller, needs to be properly set up, programmed, started, and tested by professional technicians who are familiar with the equipment being used.

Pipe, Valve, and Head Installation

The final piece of the puzzle with understanding the installation of your irrigation system is to understand the pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads that have to be installed.

The pipes will move the water to where it is needed (the sprinkler heads) while the valves open and shut based on the commands from the controller. That part is pretty simple.

But, did you know that there are multiple types of sprinkler heads, and depending on a number of factors you may need one type over another?

It’s true, and that is why it is recommended that this system is installed (and maintained) by the professionals at Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc. We have the experience with these systems, and we can make the best recommendation for you and your landscaping.

Not all sprinkler heads are the same. We help you choose the one that works best for you!

We keep your irrigation system working flawlessly.

Irrigation Maintenance

Once the installation of your irrigation system is completed and tested, it should run for some years to come. However, to ensure that it is operating properly and at its best efficiency level, sometimes some extra maintenance is required.

We run diagnostics and make adjustments as needed to preserve the beauty of your landscaping.

Ongoing Diagnostics and Adjustments

The first point to note is that your controller and the connected electronics all run off of a computer. Factors, such as weather patterns, soil saturation, wear-and-tear, grime accumulation on sprinkler heads, or other factors can throw off the calibration of your system.

If the calibration of your system is off, then your landscape may suffer. We know that you want the effort you put into your perfectly landscaped yard to be well worthwhile, and we know that you do not want its condition to be just another point of stress.

That is where we come in; we have the ability to run diagnostics and make adjustments as needed to preserve the beauty of your landscaping.

Perfectly calibrated systems. Disagnostics & adjustments as needed to keep your lawn beautiful.

On the spot repairs & maintenance.

Control Valve Repair

One of the most common issues we see when we are running diagnostics is that there is a need for repairs to the control valve. Our technicians have the skills, training, and experience necessary to professional repair or replace a control valve as it is needed.

Main Line Balancing

The balance, and resultant flow, of your mainline will affect how well your sprinkler heads distribute water to your landscaped lawn.

The balance and flow of your main line will require an occasional check to ensure that there are no changes that will cause your system to not function properly. If there is a problem with the main line, we are able to look and see from where the problem is coming, ensuring that your irrigation system works exactly as it should.

Water distribution is critical to the health of your lawn.

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