How can I get rid of weeds?

How many times have you been out in your lawn or garden, just enjoying the feel of a well-kept and perfectly landscaped location, and then you saw a weed?

Maybe you weren’t worried about it – maybe you smiled at it, removed it, and went on your way because it was just one weed.

Or, maybe it was one today… and then there were more the next day.

Then there were more the next week…

And on, and on…

If this has happened to you, then you have come across the largest scourge that those who love their lawn or garden have to deal with.

Simply… weeds.

Why does this happen?

We all have to deal with weeds at one point or another because we all have weed seeds in our garden.

Yes, it is true.  Every inch of your yard or garden has some seeds in it that have the potential to sprout.  

This means that there is the potential for weeds to overtake your lawn or garden, but it is unlikely if you are careful with the removal of weeds.

The reason for this is that only the seeds the top inch of soil get enough light to germinate.  This means that weeding, gardening, cultivating, and upsetting the soil in your garden has the potential to raise dormant seeds to the surface and cause them to sprout.

Does that mean I will always have weeds?

First, do know that an occasional weed is not a bad thing.  In fact, it can be proof that your soil is healthy!

But, we know that you don’t want to see these weeds in your lawn or garden, so we will give you some steps you can take to avoid weed growth:

  • Remember that your whole lawn has seeds that can generate weeds.  Bearing this in mind, you have to be careful when removing weeds that you don’t disturb the soil around them and cause others to sprout.
  • Use mulch!  Mulch puts a heavy coating on your soil that will prevent the light from getting to the seeds that could germinate.  In addition to this, most of the mulch that is commercially available will host insects that will eat weed seeds!
  • Make sure that you water your plants, and not your weeds.  Remember that weeds need water just like your plants do.  If you have the ability to do deep irrigation, this can easily help give water to your plants while preventing your weeds from getting the water they need to grow.

We can help you with your weed problems as they occur.  Call us at Pinnacle Landscapes and we will work with you to make sure that your weeds are cleared out.

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